14 arrested on federal drug trafficking charges

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - More than a dozen people have been arrested on federal drug trafficking charges over the past week, the Department of Justice announced Monday.

The following 14 suspects are behind bars for allegedly smuggling "large amounts" of cocaine, meth, and heroin into the country:

  • Veronica Martinez Carrera-Perez (aka “Comadre", "Luna"), 41, of El Paso
  • Sergio Serra (aka "Flaco"), 35, of Edinburg, Texas
  • Fernando Chavez-Rolon (aka “Raco”), 24, of Woodstock, Ill.
  • Crystal Aguilar (aka "Betty"), 33, of El Paso
  • Ricardo Martinez (aka "Richie"), 32, of El Paso
  • Roberto Clemente , 41, of El Paso
  • Esperanza Corpus de Escalona (aka "Espy"), 45, of Alton, Texas
  • Cristal Glore-Guzman, 33, of Mission, Texas
  • Julio Ferreyra, 33, of Cicero, Ill.
  • Kevin Martinez, 24, of Clint
  • Julio Mota (aka "Gordo", "Gordito"), 26, of Sunland Park
  • Jesus Galindo, 29, of El Paso
  • Rene Alvarez, 19, of El Paso

The defendants' charges include conspiracy to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine, conspiracy to distribute to distribute methamphetamine, substantive drug possession, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

According to a news release, the suspects allegedly transported the narcotics across the country -- including Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, and Kansas -- for further distribution. Officials say they also collected, transported, and laundered cash proceeds from selling them.

During the investigation, authorities seized about 48 kilograms of cocaine, 25 kilograms of meth, two kilograms of heroin, and over $500,000 in cash, according to officials.

All 14 defendants are in federal custody pending detention hearings expected to take place this week. Their prison sentences are expected to range from ten years to life.

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