Abraham to appeal Final Judgment on American Furniture Building

EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) - The years-long court fight over the American Furniture Building in downtown may be coming to a conclusion.

According to a final judgment signed October 18, the property owner, Billy Abraham, has to pay around $1.2 million to the City of El Paso and have the building vacated 60 days from the signed date, but Abraham says this document is not the final deal.

Abraham tells KTSM this back and forth with the City began in 2010, with Judge Linda Chew of the 327th District Court issued a permanent injunction against the City for a previous lawsuit. Fast forward 6-years to May of 2016, the City's Building and Standards Commission issued an order levying millions in fines for city code violations.

Abraham sued the City once again, citing the fines were unreasonable. He says he has complied from the start and plans to appeal this decision.

Through a statement he says he disagrees with the judgment saying:

"The Caples Land Company, L.L.C., the proprieter of the American Furniture Building, is not in agreement and will appeal the judgment as it was operating and conforming with a Permanent Injunction issued by the Honorable Judge Linda Chew of the 327th District Court.  While under the protective order of that Permanent Injunction issued in 2010 and upon being contacted by Laura Foster, the City’s representative in this matter 6 years later in 2016, the Caples Land Company, L.L.C. exuded diligent efforts to cooperate and work in unison with the City of El Paso.  After extensive efforts, the Caples Land Company, L.L.C. was informed by the City of El Paso that it had complied with ALL present city requests.  The fine that was imposed is illegal and punitive, not to mention the largest fine in Texas history.  The Caples Land Company, L.L.C. will continue its efforts to work on a path of cooperation rather than confrontation with the City it loves." -- The Caples Land Company, L.L.C.


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