Breaking: EPPD in protective gear arrive in Duranguito

Protestors remain agitated after surprise demo on Duranguito

Sept. 12, 2017 - El Paso police officers in protective gear have begun to arrive in the downtown El Paso area "Duranguito" following a day-long protest that started with what protestors call a 'drive-by demolition."

The protestors, linking arms, are shouting to police, "Do your job!" as well as "Police are helping to break the law." Earlier, protestors attempted to take down chain link fencing meant to keep the general public away from buildings in the Duranguito area following an early morning demolition. A News Channel 9 crew saw at least one person detained on the scene.  EPPD has not confirmed if anyone was arrested.

The demolition began shortly after 7:30 a.m. along the 200 block of Overland Street.  The move came after a late night decision by the Eighth Court of Appeals that ordered that no demolition begin. 

Large construction trucks moved into the area Tuesday morning with crews scooping out the cornerstones of at least 6 different buildings. Members of the Paso del Sur group, which is seeking historic designation of the area, arrived soon after to ask EPPD to prevent construction crews from inflicting further damage. Construction crews were forced to stop when Paso del Sur presented the court order to police on the scene.

Max Grossman, a complaintant in the case against the City of El Paso, told News Channel 9 he believes the demolition is a contempt of court. Grossman told News Channel 9 he believes the City of El Paso was complicit in the demolition.

However, the City of El Paso shared with News Channel 9 a statement that said it asked individual property owners to comply with the court order even though the property owners are not party to the court matters.

To see what is happening in Duranguito, follow News Channel 9's Facebook Live:

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