Dashcam video of deadly Lordsburg pile-up released

HIDALGO CO., NM (KOAT/CNN) - Officials in New Mexico have released dash-cam video of the aftermath of a 25-car pileup that killed six people last month.

The sounds are those of a chaotic scene unfolding as police and EMTs scrambled.

You can hear one of the responding officers responding to dispatch on the video saying "one of the deputies was at the front of -- or i think at the front of -- where the accident occurred. he said that there's two people with no pulse."

Just two of the six people killed in a horrifying interstate pile-up last month.

"There's a big crash again on I-10 at the 11. There's probably like 30 cars involved. more, maybe." the officer relays to dispatch.

It ended up being 25-cars.

The newly released police video of the pile up on I-10 near Lordsburg on June 19th shows rescue teams respond to the scene. The chaos that ensued can be heard among the first responders as they get to work trying to save motorists with varying injuries while the lucky drivers who weren't injured remain trapped in the crumpled cars are told to stay put.

All the while, the first responders battle the same dust storm that caused the pile-up in the first place, "The dust is still bad. the dust is pretty much zero visibility right now."

I-10 was shut down in both directions, the dust made it tough to see for hours.Five people died on scene, while another died later, in the hospital.

A brief rainstorm rolled through the area soon after, washing away much of the dust, and leaving the carnage of one of the worst crashes in New Mexico history much more visible.

The 25-car pile-up in June was just the first of three fatal accidents on the same stretch of road in the last month. Since then an Alabama man and a man from Houston were both killed in separate crashes during dust storms in the same area.

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