Deadline to File Taxes is Tuesday

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - According to the Internal Revenue Service, 40 million Americans have yet to file their tax returns. 

If you procrastinated, but still don't think you'll have all your documents ready by April 18, remember you can request an extension to file, but you still have to pay what you owe by the deadline.

The IRS expects 13 million people to file an extension. You can request a six-month extension by clicking HERE

"Everybody needs to remember an extension is not an extension to pay, it's an extension to file," says Yvonne Mendoza, a tax advisor at H&R Block.

Experts say some of the most commonly missed deductions are student loans, medical expenses, and contributions to charity.

"Now one of the things a lot of people do tend to forget is those valuable credits that are out there. So if you have any questions, please talk to somebody that knows the tax law so that way you're getting the credits that are available out there," adds Mendoza. 

For a list of accredited tax preparation businesses in El Paso, click HERE

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