Domestic ducks in danger

Ducks illegally dumped at Ascarate Lake

EL PASO, TEXAS - A growing problem in the Borderland is putting domestic ducks in danger and the people contributing to it may not even realize it's illegal.

According to a spokesperson for El Paso County Parks, abandoning a domestic animal at Ascarate lake or any lake in Texas is considered animal cruelty under state law and can be punishable with fines or jail time.

On Tuesday Stick House Sanctuary conducted a rescue for the domestic ducks that have been thrown into Ascarate Lake.

One of those ducks had to be euthanized because is was not able to survive in the wild.

"Starvation is first and then predators, they run the risk of predators coming and eating them," says Jaime Morales from Stick House Sanctuary.

El Paso County Parks says this isn't their only problem. People come and feed the ducks bread, which not only affects their bones, but contaminates the water as well.

"It can also cause a threat to the local wild life or the ducks who should be here because they compete for food. They can injure each other and carry diseases wild ducks cant fight off as well," says Alexandra South with El Paso County Parks.

This concern has been brought up to the County. According to Stick House Sanctuary, who now partners with El Paso County to rescue domestic animals that have been abandoned at the park.

According to County Commissioner David Stout, the County is aware of the problem and has considered adding signs to the park.

South says there are currently no signs at the park due to budgets, but they're working on a way to bring awareness of this issue to the community.

"As we explore the situation as a County we're kind of looking at what is the best way to educate the public. Is it signage? Is it some bigger campaigns? There are some things we are exploring to put in place to fix the problem," says South.

Park visitors are allowed to feed the wild animals, but are asked to feed them healthier snacks like watermelon, lettuce or bird seeds.




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