Dona Ana County Cuts Homeowners A Break

Move in anticipation of 2018 new tax laws

Dona Ana County is looking to help homweonwer avoid one of the pitfalls of the just-passed tax reform bill.

The new tax laws take effect on Monday. Among the changes is a new $10,000 limit on deductions for residential property taxes.

In response, Dona Ana County has allowed homeowners to pre-pay their estimated tax bill for those looking to claim the bigger 2017 deduction.

“We’re not certain the federal government will allow us to process these pre-payments under the 2017 tax code, but we’re willing to try our best to preserve the greatest deduction possible for our customers,” said Dona Ana County Treasurer Eric Rodriguez. “We strongly advise property owners to consult with their tax preparers about this and other important changes to the federal tax code.”

Payments can be made through 5 p.m. Thursday at the Dona Ana County Treasurer's Office, 845 N. Motel Blvd. If you mail in your payment, it will be accepted as long as it's postmarked before midnight on Dec. 31.

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