El Paso County Raises Fees

Increases now in effect

EL PASO, TX - The next time you attend an event at an El Paso County facility, expect to pay a few extra dollars.
On Wednesday, the County approved increasing fees at its pools, Ascarate park and the Sportspark in far East El Paso.

At Ascarate, the standard weekend parking fee will be $2. But, the fee jumps to $5 for any event with an estimated attendance between 751 to 3,000 people. Those events will also have a $1 fee for people who walk in. For events with more than 3,000 people expected, the parking fee will be $10 and the walk-in fee $5.

The parking fee and walk-in fee are valid for 1 day with a date stamped ticket. If you lose your ticket, you will have to pay the fee again to re-enter. Plus, you can only use cash to pay for fees. However, you can buy one-year or six-month parking passes at the Ascarate Golf Course pro shop.

General admission for swimming at Ascarate Pool jumps from $2 to $3 and swim lessons will now be available. Family night is being extended to all 3 County pools on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., with a discounted admission fee of $1 per person.

Refundable security deposits for tournaments at the Sportspark are also being increased and are now non-refundable on tournaments canceled less than 30 days from the reserved date. 

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