EPFD seeing more "Hot work" fires, welders give NC9 safety tips

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Fire Department has been seeing an increase in "Hot work" related fires recently, things such as welding, soldiering and burning and melting while roofing, etc.

The National Fire Protection Agency reports every year 4,000 structures catch fire due to "hot work".

El Pasoan Daniel Campbell has worked as a professional welder for 10 years and owns a company called DC Mobile Welding.

"It's a very dangerous job," Cambell said.

He says things could easily go wrong and cause a fire, especially during the summer. As far as EPFD seeing more fires as a result of hot work, Campbell believes it's probably just more people getting complacent.

"and when you get complacent that's when people start getting hurt and property starts getting damaged," Campbell explained.

Campbell's work partner Eric Arriaga says even with professionals a fire is always possible.

"I've seen cement catch on fire, I've seen dirt catch on fire, you could literally burn anything hot enough," Arriaga said.

With that in mind Campbell says safety is always their first priority. He says welding work is one of those things you should not try to do on your own.

"You have to know what you're doing, you have to know what to look for," Campbell said.




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