EPISD Education Minute: Read Across the District

A district-wide reading event to take place Friday

"When you're reading, you can get into another world," said Dylan Mata, a fifth-grader at Zavala Elementary.

On Friday, Nov. 17, students of every grade level across El Paso I.S.D. will immerse themselves into that "other" world as part of "Read Across the District," or RAD.

"From 10-1030 a.m., on the day we RAD, everybody drops everything and reads," said Mercedes Hernandez, a librarian at Zavala Elementary.

In the lower grades, guests will also read to the children, a skill librarian Hernandez said is crucial in our modern society.

"Especially in the electronic age, people assume since everything is online, books are going out, but we have to be able to read to get info, get along in our daily lives," said Hernandez.

Students Jeimmy Correa and Mata agree.

"You can learn more words and understand," said Correa.

"Books can be fun!" said Mata.









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