EPISD Police: Austin High lockdown due to false report, student arrested


El Paso Independent School District Police confirmed in a press conference Thursday evening that the morning lockdown at Austin High School was caused by a false report.

EPISD Police Chief Victor Araiza says that a 17 year old student had a grudge against a former student, falsely tipping off police about a gun on campus that didn't actually exist.

"The individual did enter the campus but he did not display a weapon and ultimately the student that made that outcry, that said he had seen someone there who displayed a weapon, he recanted that story and actually wasn't truthful. He fabricated that story," Chief Araiza said.

That 17 year old student is now facing charges for filing a false police report.

It was a scary morning for students and parents at Austin High. During the ordeal concerned parents waited outside looking for answers.

We spoke to Monica Olivas and her daughter Anabelle after being reunited following the lockdown. Monica says she thought the worst.

"It's the worst feeling in the world because this never happens here I'm still shaken up actually," Monica said.

Anabelle was forced to stay in her classroom as police searched the campus.

"They came in opened the door with their rifles and everything like is everyone ok and stuff and even that was scary," Anabelle said.


EPISD PD have lifted the lockdown at Austin High School around noon today after they were unable to locate the suspect who was identified as the person who allegedly came onto campus with a weapon.

Parents will be allowed to pick up their children at school, but students may also choose to stay in class. EPISD PD will have an increased presence at the school for the rest of Thursday and Friday.


El Paso ISD spokesman Gustavo Reveles has confirmed that Austin High School is currently on lockdown after a person with a gun was allegedly spotted around the campus area.

NewsChannel 9's Chorus Nylander was on the scene as EPISD Spokesperson Melissa Martinez briefed parents who were waiting nearby. According to Martinez, a suspect was spotted on campus surveillance footage with a weapon. School officials do not believe that he is still on campus.

No one is currently allowed in or out of the campus and district officials are asking that people stay away from the campus as no one will be allowed to leave or enter the school until the lockdown is lifted.

EPISD Police along with EPPD are both patrolling the area in search of the man who was allegedly spotted inside the school. Homeland Security was also called in to assist with their air support unit. Two helicopters have been seen circling the school. So far, they have been unable to locate anyone.

District officials have issued a statement stressing that the campus is safe and secure at this time.