Homeless seek shelter during high temperatures

Local shelter open 24 hours to help

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - With triple digit temperatures across the Borderland the homeless can be caught in a tough and dangerous situation.

We spoke to Robert Green, an Army veteran homeless for the past year, he says he never expected to be homeless but financially things had suddenly took a turn for the worst.

 "It's embarrassing. I'm trying to get myself situated right now," Green said.

He says the heat can be uncomfortable at times but he turns to the Opportunity Center in Central El Paso for help.

"They definitely get you things you need, clothing, shower room, then they talk personal with you if you talk personal with them they can help you personal," Green said.

The Center is open 24 hours a day. Their Director John Martin says back in 1994, when they first opened, their were several homeless people dying on the streets due to weather. He says it's the reason they opened their doors. He says today that is rare but still he hopes anyone in need will not think twice about stopping by.

"We are concerned because you have a number of individuals that choose to stay on the streets. We try to encourage them to come in," Martin said.

He says they are always in need of donations. Water always helps but he says items such as sunscreen and clothing to help block out the sun are harder to come by.

To donate stop by the Opportunity Center at 1208 Myrtle Ave.

For Green he says he is very thankful for the Center but his dream right now is to get a job so he can get an apartment.