Jeff Sessions and John Kelly visit to El Paso met with protests

EL PASO, Texas - Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly made a trip to El Paso Thursday. Their arrival was met by dozens of protesters voicing their opposition to Sessions and Kelly and the Trump administration.

"This city is one of the safest cities in the country and we don't need people like that here," protester Hector Gonzalez said.

Hector Gonzalez is worried about President Trump's proposed border wall and Sessions views on immigration. He says instead of walls we should be building bridges and funding schools.

Another protester, Pat Delgado, says she doesn't believe Session's office is truly focusing on cartel violence and the drug trade but deporting workers. She says she was protesting to support the families that she feels are being torn apart.

"People have families on both sides of the border and this is fueling a lot of problems here," Pat Delgado said.

We spoke to other protesters that were concerned about the accusations of Sessions and the Trump administration having some kind of ties to Russia during the election.

There were also people that came out to voice their support for Sessions' and Kelly's arrival.

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