Las Cruces man suspected of raping elderly woman behind bars once again

LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) - The 22-year-old Las Cruces man suspected of breaking into a 71-year-old woman's home and raping her is once again behind bars after a bail bondsman picked him up for failure to comply with conditions of release last Friday.

Daniel Guzman, 22, is charged with multiple crimes stemming from the June 16 incident where he is accused of breaking into the mobile home of a 71-year-old woman who lived in the same subdivision as his grandmother.

During the alleged attack, Guzman is accused of breaking into the woman's home just after midnight and overpowering her before sexually assaulting her.

According to Lisa Gonzales, a bond agent with Dario Gomez Bail Bonds, Dario Gomez arrested Guzman Friday for not providing the company with an address.

Gonzales also told NewsChannel 9 that Guzman went back to the mobile home park where the crime allegedly happened which violated a restraining order.

She said, "The purpose of the bond is not only to make sure he goes to court but to make sure we keep the community as safe as possible."

"She had her place locked up, she had her windows closed and locked, so this guy went out of his way to make entry into that house and do what he did," LCPD Spokesperson Dan Trujillo said at the time of the arrest.

Guzman was charged with two counts of sexual penetration, two counts of criminal sexual contact, two counts of tampering with evidence and one count of kidnapping. His bond was initially set at $100,000 and prosecutors argued that a conviction of raping a 3-year-old boy when Guzman was a minor made him a threat to the community.

However, Judge Richard Jaquez disagreed and reduced Guzman's bond to just $15,000 - which he posted later the same day, on June 19.

During the NewsChannel 9 investigation into Guzman's criminal history, we uncovered seven arrests in the last ten months, including multiple charges for failure to appear, two charges of criminal trespass and two charges of battery against a household member.

These arrests were before the June 16 charge for the alleged sexual assault of the elderly woman inside his grandmother's mobile home park.

Guzman was taken into custody at the Peak Behavioral Health Hospital on Friday, July 7 after Dario Gomez Bail Bonds issued an Affidavit of Arrest and Surrender, citing failure to comply with terms of his release on the arresting documents. It is unclear how long he may have been a patient at Peak Behavioral or what terms of release he may have violated.

During a court hearing on Tuesday, Magistrate Judge Beverly Singleman issued a transfer order to move Guzman's case to District court after "an issue having been raised as to the mental competency of the defendant to stand trial."



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