Local Haitians remember 2010 earthquake

EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) - President Trump's remarks on Haiti and African nations is putting those developing countries in the national spotlight, but that's not what Haitians in El Paso say they want people to focus on. 

Back on January 12th 2010 at exactly 4:53 PM in Haiti a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the island. 

Some of the survivors now live in El Paso and are members of Walk By Faith International Missionary Church in east El Paso.

They gathered on Friday to remember the victims during a "moment of God" or moment of silence.

Their pastor says gatherings like this are a way to show hope in light of the tragedy of 2010 and current politics. 

"It's sad the coincidence of what is going on in national politics about was being said, but our focus is not that our focus is how the community the churches, evangelical leaders in El Paso are standing behind Haitians here praying for us," said Pastor Jean Jacob. 

He says since that earthquake, moments of worship and remembrance are done at Haitian churches all around the world.  

The gathering was followed by a service involving different church leaders from various religions at the church. 

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