Local shelter finds abandoned puppy at front door

EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) - The Animal Rescue League of El Paso woke up to a surprise on Sunday, after someone abandoned a puppy on the rescue's front door.

It wasn't so much finding the puppy that was a surprise as much as it was realizing there was something wrong with her, said Animal Rescue League Kennel Manager Loretta Hyde.

Now they hope to teach the public what to do when you come across a pet in need of help.

"When the girls got here Sunday morning they saw the crate out front," said Hyde. She says their surveillance video showed the puppy, which they have now named Madeline, being dropped off the night before.

"The people were really sneaky about it because they drove up in a truck and parked across the street, the guy put a hoodie on and came and dropped off the crate and took off running," said Hyde.

She says the puppy's eye was in really bad shape. It appeared to be an ulcer that became perforated and therefore had to be removed. A condition the league says could have been prevented.

"They let it get to a point where there was no fixing it or return on how to treat her," said Hyde.

Although Madeline at 8-weeks was able to withstand the surgery, the league hopes to use her story as a lesson.

"It's not an ideal situation to leave them in front of a shelter and the law saw you can't leave them legally that way. Make arrangements with the shelter to bring them in and if there is anything the shelter can do they're definitely going to try," said Hyde.

The league says the plan is to eventually find Madeline a family that will adopt her.


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