Local United Airlines passengers upset after seeing viral video

Passenger says same situation almost happened on their flight Tuesday

EL PASO, Texas - Local United Airlines passengers say while on a returning flight from Denver the same situation, that lead to a now viral video from a Chicago flight, almost happened to them. El Pasoan Lillian Montoya says their Denver flight was over booked and a list of volunteers was made to possibily have passengers deboard.

"We were all just scared we would be picked to stay behind," Montoya said.

Montoya says the whole flight was talking about the viral video and she was worried about it the entire flight.

The viral video shows a doctor on an overbooked United flight in Chicago. The airline asked for volunteers to leave the plane, offering an $800 voucher. When no one volunteered, they used a computer system to randomly pick the four passengers they needed to leave to make room for more crew members. The doctor was one of those four, he refused to leave. Security was called and can be seen in the video screaming as security grabs on to him to force him off the plane. In the video you can see his head hit a chairs arm rest and him begin to bleed as other passengers voice their opposition.

But not all local passengers we spoke to were as upset as Montoya. Patrick Strucher was getting off that same flight from Denver, He says United wont lose his business because of that video.

"Was security over reacting? Yes. Just because of a one time incident to stop using United? No," Strucher said

But many passengers did not take the video so lightly. El Pasoan Jesus Stefoya says he was going to book his flight with United but after the video made sure to go with a different airline.

El Pasoan Danny Griffith says he went through the same situation not to long ago on a different airline. He says they handled the situation very differently. He chose to give up his seat and says he walked away with $1,500. He says the airline kept raising the price until a volunteer chose to give up their seat and security was never called.

"Everyone is always going to remember that video," Griffith said.

Shares of United stock slipped by 4-percent Tuesday, knocking off nearly one billion dollars from the company's market value.



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