A Piece of Jewelry is the Gift of Hearing for a Child

Beautiful hand-crafted glass beads tell a very unique story.

They are specially crafted on a torch using Italian glass rods in a variety of colors. The torch is then rotated melting the glass into a honey-like consistency.

Lampwork Glass Bead Artist, Tamara St. Jean, tells us more about the process, “You just keep adding colors. If you want navy blue you just add a stick of navy blue glass and you heat it up and melt it in there. If you want the dot to be raised you stop before it melts all the way in.”

But these are more than just hand-crafted glass beads as they are an essential element to providing the gift of hearing for a child who otherwise would not have the means for a hearing aid.

Tamara is donating her talent to help a child in need.

A designer will use these beads to create a piece of jewelry that will then be auctioned at an event called “Jewelry for a Voice”.

The event is sponsored by En Voz Alta, an organization who raises money to purchase and repair hearing aids for families with little to no resources.

Jewelry Designer and Gemologist, Valerie Dow, will be one of the artists to create a piece of jewelry with the glass beads. She is also donating her artistic skill to support children with hearing loss.

 "There is a price on each piece then because it's a silent auction the piece can start there and hopefully go higher so that there's more money that's donated to these children and their hearing aids," Dow says.

Dow tells us she still is working on an idea for her piece and that this experience will be one-of-a-kind. "For me to receive this sort of challenge to design a unique piece of jewelry and then on top of that be able to provide a charitable donation towards these children that require hearing aids as well as educating their families and their  parents it's a unique opportunity for me and I relish it.

The fundraiser will be held on April 27th at the El Paso Club from 6-9 P.M.

Tickets can be purchased online at elpasochildrensfoundation.org.

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