A Welcome Cross To Bear

"Hold on, and don't be a hero because it hurts." Marine Veteran Lance CPL. Benjamin Gonzalez keeping it light just minutes after receiving one of the Military's highest honors.

They reviewed the silver stars, bronze stars, they upgraded mine because of the story they told earlier they upgraded it to a Navy Cross," said Gonzalez.

It all went down on June 18, 2004. With Gonzalez and his platoon facing a grenade attack in Iraq.

"I was going to jump out of the way and go attack the motorcycle with my automatic weapon."

What happened next directly leading to his latest honor.

"One of our guys was on rest he had no idea if I would have jumped around him he would have sustained the injuries so I bear hugged him as well as I could and took most of the grenade," said Gonzalez.

His parents emotional after the ceremony.

"I am so very proud of him and i am very grateful that they recognized his sacrifice over there and he brought the family together, more closely," said Diana Gonzalez, Benjamin's mother.

Beyond the honor one other thing taking precedence on this special day.

"The big thing for me was my daughters being able to see it for themselves, you know they have just heard some stories from my friends and from the news but for them to come and see it for themselves was...really really meant the world to me," said Gonzalez.

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