An Inside Look at Upcoming Westside Pool Natatorium

From the ground up, the latest in the 2012 Quality of Life Bond projects is close to being complete.

The project set to be complete by January but is expected to open to the public in the spring of 2018.

This $15.5 million swimming venue will be housed in District One which is West El Paso.

Some of the unique features include the wood panelings and the windows that are facing the Franklin Mountains.

Along with a 36-thousand square-foot Olympic size pool with enough seating to host over 700 people.

As part of the project, a new 220 space parking lot with a designated area for food trucks was constructed in order to ensure that this project is competition ready and compliant with the United States of America Swimming (USAS) standards and requirements.

In addition a public art piece designed by Marc Fornes of the 'THEVERYMANY' was incorporated into the façade of the building's main entrance.

This new facility will benefit teams like the SWAT swim team.

"Now we have access to one of the first indoor Olympic size pools that are notorious all over the country and it's a long time coming to El Paso," said Coach Stanton Wright, Head Coach of SWAT.

This facility in turn will benefit the city's economy too according to District One City Representative Peter Svarzbein.

"We are now positioned in a way where we are not just attracting people from Midland, Lubbock or from Albuquerque or Tuscon or Phoenix to come in to compete but also from Chihuahua and Sonora from Juarez as well and that's an amazing opportunity for our economy and our culture," said Svarzbein.

"There are a lot of larger competitions that we could facilitate here everything from our summer league program which is the state games of Texas last year for the state brought $35 million to the city that hosted it," said Stanton.

The new pool will be located at 650 Wallenberg Drive, next to Mesa Hills Drive.


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