Are El Paso teens receiving enough "sex ed" in school?

Report shows many Texas schools do not offer "sex ed"

EL PASO, Texas - The numbers are startling, according to Marcella VanHoove executive director of the Hospitals of Providence , they saw 20 thousand  teen girls last year that thought they were pregnant and 20 percent of them were actually pregnant.

"We offer a very judgment free environment, or if a young lady thinks she is pregnant we would offer a free pregnancy test," said VanHoove.

It is becoming an issue for Texas and El Paso, according to a new report from the Texas Freedom Network more than half of Texas public schools use an abstinence only education program, while a quarter have no sex education at all.

"I kind feel our hand are bound by the curriculum by the state i think the more information students have the better," Jim Littlejohn is the assistant superintendent for Clint ISD. He says currently their schools do not offer sex ed courses but do offer a health course as a graduation requirement.

"You would learn about nutrition the body functions, the systems of the body," said Littlejohn.

but nothing about safe sex or STD's.

According to Texas Health and Human services, El Paso saw almost 500 teen pregnancies in 2014, the most current data available, one of the highest in the state.

EPISD says they do offer sex education courses but it's called human sexuality and is not a stand alone course. The majority of that content is taught starting in 8th grade.

Frank Segura of the El paso dioceses says that sex education should start at home.

"We want to encourage and empower the parents as the first teachers of their children to be in collaboration with the school and not in contrary," said Segura.

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