Border Patrol Rescues Migrant Group Abandoned in Freezing Desert

Lordsburg, NM (KTSM) - Eighteen migrants who were abandoned in the New Mexico desert were rescued by Border Patrol Agents early Thursday morning after their guides and smugglers left them in freezing conditions to fend for themselves.

According to officials with the Border Patrol, agents spotted the group which consisted of six adults and twelve children around 7 a.m. Thursday morning. After speaking with agents, the group told them that Wednesday night, a group of smugglers and guides abandoned them in the desert and told them to find authorities to help them.

The overnight temperatures dipped below freezing with rain and high winds that soaked through all of their clothes. The agents immediately recognized that the group was in immediate danger and transported them to the operating base's common area for warmth while arrangements were made to take them to the Lordsburg Border Patrol Station for processing.

When the group arrived at the Lordsburg station, a Border Patrol EMT evaluated all of the migrants and determined that none needed further medical attention. They were processed and placed in immigration proceedings.


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