El Paso Clinic Offers Alternative for Women Seeking Abortions in Texas

El Paso, TX (KTSM) - On Monday, clinics providing abortion services throughout the state of Texas will have to adhere to the new, strict fetal tissue rule, requiring all fetal tissue to be interred in some manner, whether through cremation or burial.

That's why Hilltop Women's Reproductive Services Clinic on Schuster plans to stop offering surgical services after Monday. But that doesn't mean that women seeking abortions in El Paso won't have access.

“Women in Texas should be able to get quality healthcare. We’re glad that we can offer that to women in El Paso just across the state line in New Mexico.” a representative from Hilltop told NewsChannel 9 on Tuesday.

Hilltop's Santa Teresa Clinic, which has been operating for approximately twelve years at 5290 McNutt, just 11 miles west of their Schuster clinic in Central El Paso, is exempt from Texas' fetal tissue rule because it sits less than a mile across the state line in New Mexico.

The clinic plans to offer surgical procedures at it's Santa Teresa Clinic, which includes D&C procedures for women who may require it due to miscarriage.

A representative with Hilltop says that their Schuster Clinic will still be offering women other reproductive services and will also offer a medical abortion option, otherwise known as the RU-486 pill, which is available to women until their tenth week of pregnancy. RU-486 is also exempt from Texas' fetal tissue rule because women do not pass tissue inside of the clinic, but instead do so in their own home.

Monday, the Center for Reproductive Rights sued the State of Texas over the fetal remains rule and are asking for a temporary restraining order in order to halt the rule being enforced right away. In El Paso, though, that doesn't seem to be a worry.


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