EPISD Education Minute: Dual Language programs

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - Dual language classes are offered throughout El Paso Independent School District campuses, giving students the chance to learn more than just one language. 

"We know that children are benefiting not just in language. They're using more of their brain, they learn how to be better thinkers, they're learning about other cultures through two languages," UTEP professor Dr. Elena Izquierdo said.

EPISD is a national leader in Dual Language and they've created a roadmap of Dual Language Competencies that other districts nationwide are following. These competencies are what prepare teachers to be effective and students to be successful.

"All teachers require competencies, they have to know what planning and preparation is. They have to know what the environment is, they have to know about instruction and assessment is and they also have to know about professional responsibilities," Izquierdo said. 

Dual language students say they're confident of their futures. 

EPISD student Marium Zahara told KTSM she loves the program, "I like dual language because you can learn more than one language and when you're out and when you're an adult, you can go many more places than you already know."



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