First Daycare Training Facility To Open in El Paso

By law all daycare providers need a license to own and operate a daycare. Now the Sun City is getting its first full time training facility for daycare providers in the area.

"I wanted to make sure that who ever was taking care of my kids that I could really talk to them and just make sure that they really did care for my children and it wasn't just someone I was paying just to watch my children," said Vanessa Aguilera.

It's a concern that many parents like Aguilera have dropping their children off at a day care facility. A fear that some like Valerie Herrera say they avoid by staying away from daycare's all together.

"I've been real hesitant because you hear incidents of stories that happen at daycare I mean I am lucky that my in-laws are able to be home and be able to take care of my kids for me but I know that they won't always be available so daycare I will consider in the future," Herrera said.

Tomorrow Maria Bowdler will host the grand opening of 'The Training Hour' a full-time training center for childcare providers.

This center will give daycare owners the option to renew their child care certifications at her facility. Licensing requires every daycare provider or director to have 25 to 30 hours per year on continuing education when working with children.

Bowdler has owned the Ysleta Daycare Center for the past 30 years and is now transforming it into the full time training center.

Bowdler who is a state certified trainer through The Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System says her classes will include a variety of topics.

"Our topics are anywhere from child abuse to neglect to child care management to etiquette, ethics working with special needs there is all sorts of topics that we have positive guidance versus negative guidance, how to arrange your classroom, age appropriated activities," Bowdler said.

Bowlder says that this is an important service because there are over 500 child care providers in the county.

Herrera says that she feels better knowing that childcare providers now have a place to renew their licenses.

"You want to know if a daycare lost their license or can't renew their license you want to know why a lot of daycare's might fall into the cracks so having that policy there helps me feel more secure leaving my children at a daycare," Herrera said.

To register you can call (915) 258-1415 or you can email The Training Hour is located at 8617 Alameda Ave.

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