Jury sequestered in Devon Huerta-Person trial

EL PASO, TEXAS - Closing statements were made in the third day of Devon Huerta-Person's trial. Huerta-Person is facing charges of aggravated assault on a public servant. He's accused of punching Constable Robert White at a haunted house in Canutillo back in 2014.

Throughout the trial, at least three people testified having seen Huerta-Person punch White. Other witnesses said they say the constable fall to the ground but not the alleged punch.

According to the autopsy report, White died from other health problems but the alleged attack contributed to the death.

After several hours in deliberation the judge called the jury back into the courtroom, they were sequestered for the night after the jury said they weren't close to reaching a verdict.

The defense says during deliberation, the jury asked to see the evidence. The defense believes the prosecution has failed to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt and although anything can happen, they say Huerta-Person is feeling confident.

"Personally I think the physical evidence, which doesn't lie and isn't subject to anybody's interpretation clearly shows that the constable fell forward and was never struck in the face by anybody", says Dolph Quijano with the defense.

Deliberations will continue Friday morning at 8:30am.

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