Local Reaction to ICE Raids

EL PASO, TEXAS - Dylan Corbett the Executive Director for the Hope Border Institute says now is the time to shed light on what he says is the lack of accountability with immigration officials.

"What we've seen is an increase in the use of immigrant detention and the length of detention", says Corbett.

Immigration raids are the latest source of what's causing fear among immigrants, and according to Corbett immigrants should be afraid.

"Because they say that they're targeting criminals but we know that they're also dozens and dozens of people who are not criminals", Corbett said.

A raid causing protests in Las Cruces Wednesday afternoon. In Colorado, a mother of four holed up in a church defying ice officials who want her deported, and cases similar to these are happening across the country.

Immigrants need to know that unless law enforcement has a warrant from a judge, people don't have to open the door.  Corbett says people should also know that they have the right to an attorney and they don't need to sign anything or answer any questions.

Corbett says more immigrants were deported under the Obama Administration than with any other president and that Trump is looking to top that.


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