Mail continues being delivered to wrong address

EL PASO, TEXAS - David Manago says he's been getting other people's mail for more than a year. He says the people at the post office have assured him the problem will be resolved but the mail continues being delivered to the wrong address.

It doesn't happen everyday but at least every two weeks he'll get one or two letters that aren't his. At first, Manago said he would just take it back to his neighbors but then he started getting  mail that was addressed several blocks away from his home.

Manago has reached out to post office managers and even the carriers but nothing has been done to address the issues.

We also reached out to a spokesperson with USPS in Austin, he wasn't able to give much information because he wasn't familiar with the case.

Manago was able to meet with the local post master Tuesday evening, he said he was apologetic and would follow through on making sure the issue is resolved.


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