Oh Deer! El Paso Veterinarian helps save trapped deer

El Paso, TX (KTSM) - He didn't have a red nose, but one El Paso area deer may be able to help Santa deliver presents this year thanks to an El Paso area veterinarian.

Dr. James Koschmann at the Crossroads Animal Hospital received an unusual call Tuesday afternoon when one of his regular clients called to see if he could help rescue a deer that was trapped in a wrought iron fence at the base of the Franklin Mountains.

As it turns out, the Texas state veterinarian Dr. Ken Waldrup who would usually assist in these kinds of calls was unavailable to help Tuesday. That's when Dr. Koschmann stepped in to help.

With the help of officials from Texas Parks and Wildlife and El Paso Animal Services, Dr. Koschmann was able to aestheticise the deer and a team of helpers was able to slide his body from between the iron fence. The young male buck was then transferred into a waiting Animal Control truck and taken to nearby Tom Mays Park.

The young buck was safely transported out of the truck and taken into a quiet arroyo while members of the rescue team waited several hours for him to wake up. Dr. Koschmann tells NewsChannel 9 that the team turned him every 15 minutes so that he wouldn't get any sores and also set up a pillow of rocks to avoid getting dirt in his eyes while he was sleeping off the anesthesia.

After several hours, the deer, which was nicknamed "Buckie" by the team of rescuers, started to kick and eventually woke up and was released into the park.

Dr. Koschmann says that his injuries were not life threatening and even though he'll probably be a bit sore from being stuck in the fence, he's expected to make a full recovery.


* All photos courtesy Crossroads Animal Hospital; 4910 Crossroads Dr.

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