Petition to remove city representative underway

Due to resident concerns over arena project

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso resident Michael Patino, who has constantly protested the arena project during council meetings, has alerted the city he is starting a petition to recall District 8 representative Courtney Niland from office. Patino says he is doing this over concerns about the arena project. He says his communities concerns have "fallen on deaf ears" with Niland.

"I encourage all of district 8 to come out and show your support. We need every voter that has lived in Union Plaza or District 8 to come and support this," said Patino.

Niland is responding to the petition saying she is listening to her residents concerns and will be discussing the arena project further with city council next week. She says she has held several community meetings about the project where residents are able to voice their concerns. She say this is not the first time residents have tried to recall her from office, she feels that is because her district often sees "unique" projects that may not make everyone happy.

"This [the petition] is a tool that every citizen has to voice their concerns and I respect that process," said Niland

Patino has 60 days to file the formal petition and needs almost 1,000 signatures.



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