Teen takes plea deal in West El Paso murder, sentenced to 30 years behind bars

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - Just days after rejecting a plea deal from the El Paso District Attorney's office, a teen accused in the drug-related murder made an about-face and accepted the deal. He will now spend 30 years in prison for the crime. 

Marco Antonio Nava was 17-years-old when he was charged with the death of Christian Jorjorian on Calle Parque Street in West El Paso on Aug. 16, 2016.

During police questioning, Nava gave a detailed account of the events leading up to the murder. Nava reportedly told police they'd gone to "lick" Jorjorian of his drugs, a street term for armed robbery. He described how he and co-defendant Marcelo Mailland positioned themselves inside of the vehicle to perform the armed robbery. That's when he said things "did not go as planned" and Mailland allegedly shot Jorjorian with a handgun while he was "attempting to run to safety."

Jorjorian's body was found in the driveway by neighbors following the shooting. 

Text messages and social media apps were used to identify Nava as the person communicating with Jorjorian about the drug deal before his death. 

Mailland, who had just graduated from Cathedral High School at the time of the murder, was located in Tucson and extradited back to El Paso. Following his release on bond, Mailland was arrested for a probation violation in June and posted bond in July. His trial is set for April 2018. 

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