UTEP's Engineering department makes breakthrough in light transmitted computer data

EL PASO, TX - UTEP's Electrical and Computer Engineering department has made a breakthrough that may help the speed of light transmit computer data.

Team members say they have developed an algorithm that allows them to manipulate light. The procedure could potentially be very helpful in the future.

Dr. Rumpf is a pioneer in 3D printing of high frequency circuits and electromagnetic device and leads the team with a mission to develop revolutionary technologies that are enabled by 3D printing at UTEP.

Rumpf founded the EM Lab in 2011 and his team has already delivered an array of significant breakthroughs including the world's highest power frequency selective surface, the world's most broadband all-dielectric filter, the world's tightest bend of an unguided optical beam, and all-dielectric metamaterials that were demonstrated to decouple electrical components placed in close proximity.

The breakthrough earned the team a spot on OPLI Magazine's Best in 2015 for innovations in photonics.

The magazine is the largest independent news source dedicated to covering phototonics, physics, machine vision, medical enginerring, solar energy, and technology.

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