12 parents convicted on truancy charges

A dozen parents were convicted Wednesday for not sending their kids to school.

District Judge Marci Beyer convicted the 12 parents on truancy charges for failing to see that their children attended school.

Two parents who failed to show up to court had warrants issued for their arrest.

In New Mexico, someone who is convicted of truancy is guilty of a petty misdemeanor, but repeated offenses can possibly turn into jail time. According to New Mexico law, the parent/guardian of a school-aged child is responsible for him/her to attend school.

"Our intent is not to be punitive, but to convey the importance of education," District Attorney Mark D' Antonio said.

The District Attorney also spoke about the importance of parents making sure their kids go to school.

"There is a direct link between students who don’t finish school and those who end up in prison later in life. There is a direct link to adult poverty. Our aim is to break that cycle.”

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