Mayoral Candidate Profile: David Saucedo

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - Wednesday, NewsChannel 9 will host the El Paso Chamber of Commerce's Mayoral Forum from 6-7:30 p.m. with three candidates: David Saucedo, Dee Margo and Emma Acosta.

Ahead of the Mayoral Forum, we're profiling each candidate.

Mayoral hopeful David Saucedo bills himself as the 'anti-establishment' candidate, with the youthful vision to lead the city.

"I have a young family, I have a 2-year-old, an 8-month old. I pay a mortgage like everyone else. I feel what the typical El Pasoan feels," Saucedo explains. "The thing that keeps people here in El Paso are the family roots. But other than that, it's not a competitive advantage to be here in El Paso, and we're gonna fix that."

Saucedo is running on an economic platform that weighs out a balance of funds with family. Saucedo's family started Saucedo Lock Company 100 years ago. After graduating from Cathedral High School and Notre Dame, Saucedo came back home and doesn't like what he hears.

"We've knocked on almost 20,000 doors - every sector of the city and talking to people - and they're frustrated. That frustration is something I'm going to take to City Hall." Saucedo says.

As NewsChannel 9 reported, Saucedo has raked in about $70,000 in donations compared with his opponent, Dee Margo's $150,000.

"That's an establishment candidate. He's a politician. I'm not."

Saucedo also takes swipes at Margo's ability to represent the whole city.

"I think being bilingual, being bi-cultural is an absolute necessity for the Mayor of El Paso. Otherwise, how can you be inclusive?" Saucedo says. "How can you have a platform inclusive of everyone when we're 85% Hispanic?"

Saucedo believes that the arena site should remain in Downtown El Paso and also says that fellow Mayoral candidate and current City Council Representative Emma Acosta has wasted money with indecisiveness on the project.

"I have the vision and the passion to move this city forward and make us prosperous after all." said Saucedo.

But there have also been questions about Saucedo's ability to maintain a large budget. As we reported in December, Saucedo was linked to financial problems at the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso where he served as President until last fall. Saucedo says that those problems occurred after his tenure with the club.

Saucedo, along with Margo and Acosta will all face the tough questions during Wednesday's Mayoral Forum.


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