Owner says her dogs were attacked by two Pit Bulls

EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) - A dog owner says her three small dogs were attacked by two Pit Bulls inside her backyard. Tami Combs lives in the Upper Valley, she says when she got home on Thursday the painters who were working inside her home ran out to tell her her dogs were being attacked.

Combs says she ran to the back of her house where she saw  two Pit Bulls mauling her dogs. Other witnesses say they saw the moment the two dogs jumped the fence and began attacking. One of the witnesses says she heard bloodcurdling screams from the small dogs calling it the scariest thing she's ever heard.

Combs was able to get her three dogs and rush them to the vet where they underwent surgery for their wounds.

We reached out to Animal Services who say their Animal Control officers did respond to a call in the area but were not able to confirm the attack or the breeds of the dogs. Animal Services officials say they were looking for two dogs but couldn't give any other information at the time.

According to Animal Services if a dog did attack another dog it would become a civil matter between the two owners. Animal Control officers can cite the owner of the dog who was lose for failure to detain, that fine can go up to $2,000.

The three dogs were released to go home after being treated for their wounds but are to be kept under a close watch. Combs says she hopes the owners of the dogs who she says attacked her pets come forward and take responsibility for the incident.

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