Protests continue following Duranguito demolition attempt

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - Many protesters continue to remain along Chihuahua Street in the Duranguito neighborhood after six buildings were damaged Tuesday by construction crews attempting demolition.

The protesters were caught off guard and outraged because a court order was handed down Monday putting a temporary stop to demolition efforts in the area

NewsChannel 9 was the first news crew on scene as everything unfolded just after 7:30 Tuesday morning. Many protesters showed up through out the day and vowed to watch over the neighborhood "as long as it takes".

"No money can compensate for the history of El Paso, no money, no money at all," protester Michael Patino said.

Tensions escalated Tuesday, some protesters pushing over fences in the area leading to a heavier police response. Officers arriving on scene with protective gear.

Tensions remain calm Wednesday morning, after the protesters got news of a new court order handed down just after 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. Once again putting a temporary hold on demolition in the area.

Protesters say they will continue to protest throughout the day.

The City denys having anything to do with the construction crews damaging the buildings. They say it was the property owners decision.

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