Sex offenders in New Mexico ‘discouraged' from passing out candy, not prohibited

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Doña Ana County District Attorney Mark D’Antonio said he plans on urging lawmakers to pass a bill that will make it illegal for registered sex offenders to pass out candy on Halloween.

Unlike in Texas, sex offenders living in the Land of Enchantment are “discouraged” from handing out candy but not prohibited.

D’Antonio said, I’m for any measures or steps that will give our children protection.”

There are more than 350 registered sex offenders in Doña Ana County, according to a spokesperson with the sheriff’s department.

Residents can see where the sex offenders live by going to the website

Meanwhile, parents told KTSM they’re shocked and want stricter regulations for sex offenders.

Elizabeth Williams, a mother of two, said, “It’s kind of scary to think about it.”

Williams added, “Their safety is most important and if I can have that security when we go trick or treating, I don’t have to worry about my kids going to an unsafe home.”

Angelia Townsend agreed and said, “Anything (lawmakers) can do to make our children safer and ease the minds of the parents that will be walking with the children.”

Williams and Townsend took their kids to the 11th annual Candy Drop in Las Cruces.

Briana Garcia, a mother of two, was also at the event and told KTSM, “I think it’s good they do events like this as oppose to going door-to-door.”

Garcia said she’s also concerned that sex offenders aren’t prohibited from passing out candy in Las Cruces.

“It’s not safe at all,” she said.

In addition to the sheriff’s department’s website, there are several apps residents can download to find out where registered sex offenders live.


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