SISD Investigates Alleged Inappropriate Conduct

Phone call to parents said case involves campus employee

EL PASO, TX - NewsChannel 9 has learned about an investigation going on at Pebble Hills High School in far East El Paso.

On Tuesday, a recorded phone call went out to Pebble Hills parents from Principal Melissa Parham. In the call, Parham said there is limited information to share, due to confidentiality laws.

"I am calling to inform you that we received a report of alleged inappropriate conduct by an employee of our campus," she said in the recorded call. "The Socorro Independent School District takes every allegation seriously and immediately initiated an investigation.

"Thank you for your continued trust and support, pending the outcome of our investigation. Information surrounding the allegation is being investigated by all appropriate authorities."

The message also said all necessary action is being taken to ensure the safety and security of students.

We'll continue following this story and provide you new information as it becomes available.

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