Six El Paso bars linked to drug trafficking closed by TABC

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has closed six El Paso bars, including three in the same strip mall on Airport Rd., alleging that employees were selling drugs out of the bars.

The six cars that were closed as part of TABC's ongoing investigation are:

  • Player's Billiard Parlor - 4024 Dyer
  • Horizon Nite Club - 3808 Pershing Dr.
  • Rumors Sports Club and Lounge - 3317 Dyer St.
  • Brass Asp Bar - 6201 Airport Rd.
  • Twinz Lounge - 6203 Airport Rd.
  • Mobius Bar 915 - 6269 Airport Rd.

According to TABC, more than 80 administrative violations were filed against the bars by TABC investigators. The offenses included multiple instances of sale and delivery of drugs and drug-free zone violations allegedly committed by employees of the six bars.

TABC arrested eight of 17 people involved in the investigation with the assistance of El Paso Police Department, Homeland Security and Texas DPS.

"TABC considers any offense of narcotic sales very serious; and when you add in these locations are within 1,000 feet of a school, daycare or playground it certainly increases the urgency to take swift and decisive corrective action" said Captain Ron Swenson of TABC's Special Investigations Unit. "Several of these locations are in close proximity to each other and we are confident that the closure of these establishments will have a positive impact on the surrounding community."

In August 2015, EPPD responded to the murder of Torris DeAndre Knight in the parking lot of the Player's Billiard and just 24-hours later, officers also shot and killed a 24-year-old Charles Bertram in the same parking lot after a traffic stop.

In January 2016, a Fort Bliss Soldier was charged with shooting the bouncer at Rumors after being asked to leave the bar.

TABC have not cited either incident in their decision to revoke the two bars licenses. Investigators have not released the names of the eight people arrested in connection with the bars closing.


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