State Senator Jose Rodriguez Talks SB 4, SB 6 Concerns

EL PASO, Texa (KTSM) - A Texas State Senator is concerned over what many state lawmakers are making a top priority this legislative session.

Democratic Senator Jose Rodriguez has taken a strong public stance against Senate Bills 4 and 6.

SB 4 is the ‘anti-sanctuary cities’ bill, which advocates say is needed to reinforce the existing rule of law.

Advocates of SB 6 maintain the ‘bathroom bill’ is meant to protect the privacy and safety of Texans.

"Even if it's not intentional, there is under the law – if it's not intentional, but it has a discriminatory impact, discriminatory results – then that's also in violation of the constitution," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also weighed in on a federal court’s recent ruling that determined Texas Republicans unlawfully redrew congressional district maps.


“They drew what we call ‘gerrymandering,' which is drawing it in all kinds of shapes to exclude Latinos from the district, include Anglos in the district," he adds.

Rodriguez voted against the redistricting in 2011 because he says those who drew the maps did so with the intention of reducing the electoral influence of the Latino populations in those districts. He believes a federal court will come to a similar decision if SB 4 and SB 6 are signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott.

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