Update on Lincoln Center

EL PASO, TEXAS - Many of the people trying to save Duranguito, were also advocates in saving the Lincoln Center in 2016.

The last time El Paso saw protests like the ones in Duranguito was when the Lincoln Center was in danger of demolition  to make way for TxDOT's I-10 Connect project.

Although that building was saved, it still remains closed. Miguel Juarez. who is part of the Lincoln Conservation Committee says the Lincoln Center was historically known as a community gathering place for Chicanos.

"There was a lot of people here, a lot of community participation and they know it is very near and dear to the hearts of many El Pasoans," said Juarez

Juarez says although the strong opposition was able to save the Lincoln Center, it remains closed and without use. The building is currently owned by TxDOT.

"We're hoping that there's an agency, whether it be the City or an educational institution, that acquires the center and works with TxDOT to re-open it," said Juarez.

Duranguito advocates say they plan to repair the neighborhood and turn it into a historic district if saved. 

"We're here to create, today you saw some musicians playing, you're going to see these streets being closed, we're going to bring art, we're going to bring artists, we're going to show you our alternative vision, what these historical buildings commemorate," said David Romo with Paso Del Sur.

Those who fought to save the Lincoln Center and are now fighting to save Duranguito say they are confident history will once again win.

NewsChannel9 reached out to TxDOT to ask if there were any plans in store for the Lincoln Center and were told by a spokesperson the center will not be opening anytime soon because of the I-10 Connect project slated to start September 2016.

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