Wheelchair-bound woman demanding sidewalk ramps in West El Paso neighborhood

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - Debra Whitcomb has lived in her West El Paso home on Escondido Drive for 30 years. She suffers from a brain disease that has recently forced her to use a wheelchair to get around. She doesn't think of herself as disabled, she's very independent, but she's tired of dealing with an obstacle right outside her front door.

All the sidewalks around her home do not have any ramps for her wheelchair. She says this has made it very difficult for her to go around her neighborhood. She has been having to go along the street to cross roads in the area and worries for her safety.

"As my brain disease worsens I don't think I should have to complain about basic necessities," Whitcomb explained.

She is hoping the City will fix the issue immediately. She says that they should have done it years ago.

If they do not she says she may consider legl action. She has recently written her concerns to Julio Perez, who oversees ADA issues for the City, Perez confirmed to NewsChannel 9 that he received Whitcomb's complaint a couple days ago.

Perez says the main reason why they can't quickly update every neighborhood with ramps is due to time and money. He says residents concerned about the ADA standards in their neighborhood should call the city to inform them of your situation.

As far as Whitcomb's case, Perez says he will personally go out to her neighborhood and assess the situation there and then follow up with her.

Perez says it's within her right to seek legal action but he hopes she understands it's a process that does unfortunately take time.

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