Frog Fitness Arrives at Eastwood's Door

El Paso, TX - Frog Fitness has reached El Paso.  The company recently donated 12 'frogs" to the Eastwood High School athletic department, for all students athletes to get a workout in, and to try it out.

"The Frog" is scientifically proven to be the single most effective total body training device ever invented. It provides the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Strength Training simultaneously. The Frog, is designed to help athletes reach their peak performance potential in short periods of time and it delivers! Top that off with the fact that the human body is not used to high intensity training in the horizontal position and it becomes easy to understand why The Frog will add a new dimension to even the most rigorous workout.

When it comes to innovation it does not stop there. The Frog Fitness headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas is home to our new state-of-the-art Training and Educational Facility. Visitors are offered the opportunity to train with the ground-breaking Frog exercise device, along with traditional gym equipment, boxing and martial arts. Here our team will host weekly invite-only sports-specific events for groups, including sports coaches, local personal trainers, and celebrity guest speakers.

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