Silver Star Nation: Mickey's X-Mas Day Keys for Cowboys

El Paso, TX - Mickey Spagnola: Even though the Dallas Cowboys have clinched the number one seed in the NFC, and even though this is Christmas Day, we're still going to give you the Silver Star Nation keys to the Cowboys game Monday night against the Detroit Lions.  

That first key is going to be: cut down the penalties.  In the last three games, the Cowboys have committed 23 penalties.  It's no so much about the total, it's about when they are committing those penalties.  They cause drives to be cut short.  They cause drives to force field goals instead of getting touchdowns, and in this last game against Tampa Bay, it actually cost them a 20-yard touchdown.  So they have to be careful when they are committing these penalties.

The second key is: Run Zeke Run! The Detroit Lions have the 11th ranked rushing defense, while the Cowboys have the second ranked rushing offense.  Ezekiel Elliott leads the league, averaging 110 yards a game, needs to continue doing this behind that offensive line that received those all terrain vehicles for christmas, I am sure he hopes they continue to mow down defenders.

And the third key is: Stay Healthy.  The Cowboys have enough injuries heading in to this, the second to last game of the season, they don't need any more injuries before they play that first playoff game January 14th or 15th, for the Silver Star Nation on Christmas Day, I'm Mickey Spagnola.

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