Wolfpack Scout Facilities Prior to Hyundai Sun Bowl

El Paso, TX -      It takes nearly 200 N.C. State members to host one practice... 115 players, 10 coaches and 50 to 60 support staff.

     N.C. State will prepare for their Hyundai Sun Bowl matchup against Arizona State at Pebble Hills High School.  Pebble Hills' practice field is field turf... The same exact turf at the Sun Bowl.

     Without a press box at Pebble Hills, three lifts will be needed for the NC State football team.
     The only problem with Pebble Hill's facilities is that high school field goal posts are different from the college level... So NC State's kickers will be transferred over to UTEP's practice field to get the proper practice.

The team says the locker rooms provided at Pebble Hills will be useful for the 115 players N.C. State plans to bring to El Paso. Bathrooms and showers are included. If weather is ever an issue... N.C. State was more than satisfied with the size the Pebble Hills basketball court has.

     NC State will be on the press box side of the field come game day.

     Practice is closed to the public.

1:00pm Friday December 29th, Arizona State will face N.C. State in the Hyundai Sun Bowl.

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